GRE Tunnel

Premium traffic and DDoS protection at any location

With the product "GRE Tunnel" you can benefit from our network at any location. This constantly growing network offers you many advantages which may remain hidden to you without our product. These include our numerous peerings, IP transits and especially the DDoS protection of Voxility.

If you already share the presence with us at a public internet exchange point, the latency can be greatly reduced by direct peering.

  • Billing according to actually used traffic
  • Common setup of the tunnel with our technicians
  • Optional BGP Session + Announcement of your own IP networks
Price on request

Because such a comprehensive product requires intensive consultation and a joint elaboration of the final solution, please contact us if you are interested.

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Germany combines data security and perfect latency in the online heart of Europe (Dusseldorf)

Topnotch hardware

Top-notch hardware by HP, Mikrotik, Dell, Quanta, HGST, WD, Samsung, Kingston, and many others.

10 Gigabit network

for fast data transfer, internally and externally.

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