In addition to the operation our own servers, our network is also of great concern to us, allowing us to ensure great stability and the best possible speed.

External connection

Voxility traffic

Since we want to offer our customers only the best when it comes to latency, speed, and stability, our money is on premium traffic by Voxility. Thanks to Voxility's countless peerings and points of presence, this system allows us to reach all of Europe without large delay times. Connections to America and Asia are also extraordinarily clear.

Another advantage of Voxility lies in the fact that we can directly employ the company's DDoS protection. This offers the best detection rates and the fastest response times to our customers in case of an attack. Our internal network is therefore only minimally affected by any DDoS attack since data packets are filtered externally and we therefore have mostly legit traffic running through our routers.

Another equally important point is that we route ingoing as well as outgoing traffic through Voxility, which often isn't the case and which gives us a huge advantage in terms of traffic quality.

A comprehensive list of the peerings that can be accessed through our selected up- and downlinks can be found on Hurricane Electric's website.


DDoS protection

Thanks to the know-how and protection infrastructure of Voxility, we can currently filter DDoS attacks of a force of up to 1 Tbit/s without a problem. After a short detection period of a few seconds, the traffic is mitigated in case of an activated sensor mode and therefore almost completely freed of unwanted data packets. If, however, the permanent mode is activated for the IP address under attack, then this short detection period doesn't apply and traffic is instantly filtered.

  • Protects your rented services from DDoS attacks
  • Detection of attack patterns in a matter of seconds
  • Data traffic is permanently filtered if wanted
  • Low latency for voice and game servers

Internal network routing


We have already tested several possibilities of creating flawless, stable, and constant routing. After testing multiple different solutions for a long period of time, we have decided on the tried and tested systems by Mikrotik for the finalised version. These systems allow us to process several million data packets each second and are relatively easy to scale at the same time.


By relying on Dell and Quanta switches, we achieve a flawless and redundant distribution of data packets in our network that is entirely upgraded to 10GBE.

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