Dedicated server

Enjoy the benefits of dedicated servers without setup fees.

Instantly available servers #instantpower

  • HPe BL460c (power) 1x Intel XEON E5-2650 - 16 x 2.80 Ghz inkl. Turbo / HT 64GB RAM 2x 146GB Enterprise SAS HDD 15K € 103,20

    The here offered server can be installed with various operating systems in our web interface. Images that are not available can be installed with HP iLO.


    • 1Gbit's Shared Uplink
    • 5TB Traffic inkl.
    • Voxility dDOS Protection (550Gbit's)
    • 1 IPv4 Address
    • /64 IPv6 Subnet optional
    • Optional 10Gbit's Uplink

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Flexibility is just as important to our day-to-day activities as transparency is, maybe even more. That is why we offer our customers the possibility of letting their infrastructure grow along with their needs.

More specifically, it will be easy to upgrade while renting a server, they can be easily booked through our customer service, without much hassle and at a very reasonable extra charge.


DDoS protection

Nowadays, having a DDoS filter is just common sense, as sad as that may be. In our solution, we place our bets on security by Voxility.

By filtering traffic externally, a DDoS overload is out of the question. This gives us a huge advantage in terms of availability and our network's flow rate.


Prepay services if they're needed, if you don't need them, stop paying. Absolutely no strings attached.


Germany combines data security and perfect lag times in the online heart of Europe (Frankfurt am Main)

Topnotch hardware

Top-notch hardware by HP, Mikrotik, Dell, Quanta, HGST, WD, Samsung, Kingston, and many others.

10 Gigabit network

for fast data transfer, internally and externally.

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