„None of us is as smart as all of us.“

Who are we

Well, to make it short, we are a motley crew of idealists and specialists in our respective fields and share the will to create something BIG.

A longer version would go something like this:
At the moment, our team - as can be seen below - consists of three people, each with their own specialty and purpose. There is one important thing however that binds us all - our love for IT or rather webhosting.

Mike Mike Kaldig

Cofounder, dad, back office, customer service

When it comes down to it, Mike does just about anything, however, we had to jot down some key words to describe his field of activity.

Next to "everything," this would be mainly making financial and business decisions, taking care of administrative tasks and other boss-like jobs while at the same time pottering about in development and support.

Henry Henry Spanka

Cofounder, Head of Technical Department, customer service

Just like Mike, Henry does pretty much everything, he does however leave anything remotely connected to numbers to Mike.

Whenever there's a problem with the network or some new technology to check out, Henry is already on it and working on a possible way to integrate it into myVirtualserver's infrastructure, as long as it offers some advantage to our customers.

Alex Alexander Holzapfel

Marketing, technology, customer service, corporate identity

As the youngest team member, Alex mostly deals with anything in the field of communication.

Next to website and marketing, he also supports our customers and offers help and advice, gladly also with really specific problems if necessary. In future, he will also collaborate on our network and infrastructure to create stability and availability - that is, if Henry doesn't beat him to it, as he often does.

Tano Athanasios Siedler

Customer service

As the youngest member of the team, he is aiding the boys with the customer service.

Because of his english skills, he supports with translations in every section and also manage our FAQ.

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