If you want to find a place for your own hardware, we can provide the perfect base with our colocation offer. If you want us to, we will accompany you all the way until you have completely independent routing.


€50,00 per month, incl. VAT.
  • 1 Rack Unit
  • 2x IPv4-Addresses
  • 1x /64 IPv6 subnet
  • 10 TB Traffic
  • 2x Switch port (1 Gbit/s)
  • 1x C14 power port
  • Power consumption included
  • incl. Voxility DDoS protection
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Our basic package contains every feature necessary to keep the server secure and easy to administrate This includes an Ipv4 address for the server's proper availability and another IPv4 address for an IPMI's availability. Furthermore, we directly provide the needed network ports on a 1GBE basis.

This basic package can of course be upgraded with additional features, we can build a package that satisfies your every need.

Addons & prices



per terrabyte traffic



per additional IPv4 address

IPv6 subnet


per /64 IPv6 subnet

Rack Unit


for each additional Rack Unit per server

C14 power port


for each additional C14 power port

DDoS protection

In den heutigen Zeiten gehört es leider zum guten Ton einen DDoS Filter zu besitzen. Wir setzen bei unserer Lösung auf den Schutz von Voxility und filtern damit bis zu 800 Gbit pro Sekunde.


Flexibility is almost as crucial to our day-to-day activities as transparency. That is why we offer our customers the chance to let their server grow to meet their new expectations.

Experience & helpfulness

We can feel confident in saying that we are a provider that isn't afraid to look at the big picture and is always happy to offer guidance and resources.


Prepay services if they're needed, if you don't need them, stop paying. Absolutely no strings attached.


Germany combines data security and perfect latency in the online heart of Europe (Dusseldorf)

Topnotch hardware

Top-notch hardware by HP, Mikrotik, Dell, Quanta, HGST, WD, Samsung, Kingston, and many others.

10 Gigabit network

for fast data transfer, internally and externally.

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